Stuck at home with your dog and need support with behavior issues or manners? Contact to book your session from the comfort of your home.


Perfect for learning basic skills like crate training, walking on a leash, basic cues (sit, down, stay, etc), and polite greetings. Ideal for puppies or rescue dogs that need a solid foundation.

Initial session: $105
3 sessions: $95 each
5 sessions: $85 each

Behavior Modification

Does our dog lunge, bark, or otherwise lose their cool when walking past other dogs? Do they tear things up when you are gone? Or are they uncomfortable with strangers or new situations? Getting to the root of a larger (or compilation of ‘smaller’) behavior issues requires asking the right questions, and not just addressing the symptoms.  During the initial assessment we will paint a holistic picture of your dog and the behavior concerns, and what underlying emotional response is creating the symptoms.  From there, a personalized behavior plan will be developed and Amy will teach you how to manage and address the behavior concerns, with the goal of reducing the stress and negative emotion your dog is experiencing.  By reducing the stress and negative emotions, we will reduce the concerning behaviors.

Behavior modification sessions can address behaviors like reactivity, separation related stress, shy or fearful behavior, difficulty controlling impulses, and resource guarding.

Initial consultation (1 hour): $115
Video consult (1 hour): $95
1 lesson: $105 each
3 lessons: $95 each
5+ lessons: $85 each

Preparing for a newcomer

Whether you already have a dog and are adding a baby to the family, or planning to add a new dog to your family with children, this is the perfect way to prepare for this adjustment.  This session can be in person within the service area or via Skype for any location.  These session include ways to manage all members of the household and keep everyone safe, as well as integrate the whole family with age appropriate ways to assist in the training process. Amy offers a package of 3 or more developmental sessions, meant to prepare for a new baby, assist in adjusting once baby has arrived, as well as continue to adjust as your baby develops and becomes mobile.

This is a great choice for people who have a dog and are expecting a new baby, have a child or children and are getting a new puppy or adopting an adult dog.

In person family prep session: $105
3 developmental sessions: $95 each
5+ developmental sessions: $85 each

Skype/Video family prep session: $85
3+ developmental sessions via Skype: $75 each

Service Area

In home sessions: North San Diego County including but not limited to Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, Encinitas, Tri City, Camp Pendleton, Solana Beach, Cardiff
Video consult sessions: Any location

Let’s work together.

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