Amy helped train my police dog in obedience and some control work.  She opened my eyes to positive reward based training, where I would have usually utilized compulsion training to get the dog to do what I wanted.  I was very impressed with how my extremely high drive dog responded to the training she was teaching.  She also showed me how to break down small skills in order to get the dog to perform an entire task.  I have been a police dog handler for over 15 years and I have never had such a controlled, obedient and happy dog.  I am completely sold on her techniques and as a matter of fact, have passes along some of them to other handlers.  

Officer Brad Smith
Marysville Police Department K9 Unit
Marysville, Washington

Amy is a fantastic trainer! She’s thoughtful, kind, and so knowledgeable! I’ve enjoyed working with her immensely. She can tackle all the basics like sit, walking well on a leash, down, etc but she can also handle a variety of harder behaviors with ease. You’ll never feel overwhelmed when you work with her. She makes you feel so comfortable and both you and your pup will be in great hands! I couldn’t recommend Amy more!

Maxine L.

As the new parents of a 3 year old Amstaff rescue, we wanted to be sure our dog was trained with lots of love. Amy’s experience and understanding with positive reinforcement training (and the observed temperament of her own dogs) made it an easy decision. Amy’s knowledge of different breeds, mannerisms, genetic traits was very helpful in getting our new addition settled into a home already occupied by our cat. Another especially helpful and incredibly convenient aspect of Amy’s training capabilities is online training! We were able to set up specific training routines and videos, even Skype chats to go over techniques and progress. Amy truly made the anxiety about integrating our rescue buddy into our family disappear.

Josh and Katie V.

I have been a Police K9 Handler since 2007. I have thousands of hours working with and training Police K9’s. When our Agency was getting two new dogs we wanted to do something different, something that doesn’t often happen in the Law Enforcement community.  We asked a civilian to oversee our training.  We wanted a fresh look at how we train our dogs.  Amy came in one day and gave a quick “demo” and explained her philosophies and methodologies.  We were immediately hooked. She was able to explain in detail the “how’s and why’s” in dog training. It quickly became clear that her depth of knowledge and passion was way beyond our collective knowledge.  Amy was able to provide us with individual training paths for our two new K9’s.  She took the time to look at our dogs individually and help us develop a training regime that was understandable, applicable and successful.  Our K9’s are better more well-rounded working dogs because of the things we learned from Amy.  She gave us a new way to do things and we will forever be grateful. 
Officer Derek Oates
K9 Copper

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